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Exchanging value

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Across a global ...                


 ... Digital economy

Favor tokens to facilitate collaboration

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DAO decentralize governance

Our Team

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Ilya Rahkovsky

Nick Fett

Chidiebere Chukwuma

Ajuwon Gabriel Ikechukwu

Ilya Rahkovsky has a PhD in Economics and an expert in machine learning applications. He is a thought leader on the nature of money and the principles of economic growth in our new digital, global personalized economy.

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Nick Fett is the Co-Founder of Tellor, a DeFi coin that trades on Coinbase. He is a thought leader on the future of Blockchain and an executive advisor to our team on how to launch a successful cryptoasset.

I am innovative and self-motivated with a hunger of solving problems  in the future of technology. I combine hands-on programming,  technology leadership and software architecture design experience. My dream is to provide new technology at affordable prices for those in need. 

Ajuwon Gabriel Ikechukwu Is from Nigeria with a Bachelors in Economics. He also has a certification from Binance in Blockchain technology. Gabriel is heading up public relations to help those in and outside our community understand WEquilDAO's unique use case.

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   Bolarinwa Odupe

Tserundede Godswill Ejueyitchie

     Innocent Okeke

      Ojeme Progress

Experienced Software Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the Management Consulting and Tech industry. Skilled in Blockchain Programming, Content Writing, Project Management, and Web Frontend Development.

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Tserundede Godswill Ejueyitchie is an enthusiastic Blockchain Developer and consultant from Nigeria. He is Binance certified Blockchain Developer and also has several Blockchain certificates from IBM. He is part of various Blockchain development projects in Africa, such as Tendity (identity management system on the Blockchain), OreoSwap (decentralized exchange)...

Innocent is a Google certified Cloud engineer and IT support professional, IBM trained Data Engineer, Microsoft Azure Specialist and Binance certified Blockchain Developer. 

With over 5 years experience working as a software developer, IT generalist, Cloud and blockchain engineer. 

I'll be working with WEquilDAO as a blockchain Developer and help in the integration of blockchain technology to the system.

Ojemeh Progress is an ardent Software Engineer from Nigeria. For the last three years he has been working with senior engineers and designers on web and blockchain applications. He’s a Binance certified Blockchain Engineer, lead front-end Developer at Oreoswap, Core team member of Tendity and Quatre finance. Progress is on the path of continuous improvement of his skillset and life-long learning.

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