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About Us

Learn, Grow, Create

WEquil is a way of life that helps our family find "Equilibrium" ... purpose from using our unique strengths to create unique value for the world. We are all unique. By accepting this as a family we learned to better understand ourselves and each other. We learned to turn our differences into opportunities to learn from each others strengths. We share because we believe our families journey is a unique perspective that can add unique value to the world.

Balancing Rocks

Purpose from using our unique strengths to create unique value for the world.

Rock Balancing

Meet Our Family


 Joseph E. McPhail, CFA, FRM
Founder, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur

Dear Reader,


Thank you for your interest in our family journey.


In 2018, I started to share stories and insights on marriage, parenting, and relationships. My motivation for this came from trying to understand and overcome common family struggles. Early blog posts included a synthesis of great books like "How to Win Friends and Influence People" and "Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work" as well as takeaways from late night family discussions about anything and everything such as Friendship

What we began to learn from these efforts is that each of us is living in a very different moment by moment state of mind. All we can perceive is our own "movie" playing. But if we try very hard and listen very closely without an agenda and without judgment we can begin to piece together a better picture of each other and ourselves.

What I love most about the "WEquil Philosophy" is that it has helped all of us grow a deep interest in others and an acceptance of ourselves. Without both of these things...sharing our personal lives with the world would feel impossible. We would fear rejection from the outside world, or worse.

By sharing our lives we believe we can find and connect with others that appreciate our story. We want to know you because we want to be helpful. That is what Equilibrium is all about.

You can reach us on WEquil.App ... now also available on the App Store.


Joe McPhail (a.k.a "Mr WEquil")

About Mr. WEquil

Prior to founding WEquil Group, Joseph represented the FDIC at the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS). Prior to FDIC, he managed multiple teams at the Ernst & Young while serving a variety of financial institutions. Prior to EY, he worked as a quant and risk manager at the PWC and the Fannie Mae.


Joseph is an entrepreneur. He grew up serving his family business. While in college he grew his first company with four employees and served over 100 clients. 

Joseph is an angel investor. He coaches and invests in passion driven founders. He also provides technical solutions such as app building, automation, and machine learning applications to help founders scale.

Joseph is a prolific writer. He has published various peer-reviewed journal articles on risk management, book chapter on machine learning, and hundreds of articles on investing, parenting, and life principles. 

Joseph was awarded the 2018 Iowa State University Economics Department Outstanding Young Alumni Award.

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