Welcome to our programming school.

We tutor children ages five and up in Falls Church.

Our lead instructor, Sumay, only charges $10 an hour.


That is a fraction of what you might pay at other schools.


Your kids will learn to create:


  • Games built from Scratch

  • Automated quizzes and surveys

  • Interactive stories that allow the reader to make choices

  • Drawings based on algorithms.

  • Functions to automate boring computer tasks

  • Charts to visualize data

  • Movies they can share with friends and family

We start by teaching them a language called Scratch.

Scratch allows you to make movies and games like this.

After that we teach them Python...the most popular and fastest growing programming language in the world.


It is very easy to use compared to languages like C and JavaScript.


Your kids will learn to automate just about any computer task.


And have fun creating quizzes and story games!

You can sign up using the "Contact Us" section below.

Contact Us

Hello World!

My name is Sumay and I am the Founder and Lead Instructor of Falls Church Code Academy. I've been programming in Scratch and Python for four years. Since 2018 I've been lucky to share my passion of with other kids. Feel free to learn more about my experience and qualifications here.

You want your kids to have the best teachers. I'm confident that I can be that teacher for programming because I know the material. Also I know what its like to be a kid learning to program for the first time...because I am one! If you are not 100% satisfied then you can have your money back guaranteed. Thank you for the opportunity!


Feel free to check out my blog below. I write about my latest programming projects, cultivating a growth mindset, meditation, and other topics that catch my interest.