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$10,000 - $50,000 

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Our Team

Joe McPhail


Joe is an angel investor who enjoys helping entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their visions into reality. He founded AppAngel in order to connect with and support entrepreneurs with great ideas, but without the technical skills or funds to get started.

Joe also Founded WEquil which is the umbrella company that owns AppAngel as well as two early stage startups that will employ machine learning tools in mobile applications called WeGrowMe and GirlsHealthApp.


To learn more about WEquil and related startups click here.

Wei Jiang


Wei is a full stack mobile application and cloud computing developer. He is the Chief Technology Officer of WEquil and led the development of AppAngels mobile template products.  He is also a lead developer for the GirlsHealthApp, a subsidiary of WEquil.

Wei provides consultation on:

• Mobile application design, infrastructure, and usability

• Cloud data storage solutions and efficiency

• Software-as-a-service solutions such as enterprise automation using Python and Javascript

Ilya Rahkovsky​, PhD


Ilya is a creative and strategic problem solver with pragmatic execution and proven record of successfully tackling new challenges. He is also a lecturer at John Hopkins University on Data Science and Machine Learning.


Ilya provides consultation on:

• Data science & quantitative modeling: machine/deep learning, econometrics, structural estimation.

• Data infrastructure, automation, digitization, artificial intelligence (AI).

• Design, matching and validation of BigData from a wide variety of sources.

Akins Lawal


Akins Lawal is a certified knowledge manager and data strategy professional in both the private and public sectors. He provided data driven strategic insights to achieve client goals and objectives in tactical and strategic application of data management solutions.


Akins provides consultation on:

• Data intelligence for businesses including analytics to derive insights

• Data management and governance for optimal organizational performance

• Data technology for improving business products and services