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Our Mission

WEquil Group is a learning community seeking Equilibrium …  harmony between our specific knowledge and needs of the world. 

Our path to Equilibrium is guided by first principles that govern success ... in our new digital, creative, personalized and global economy

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We provide members with the community and tools needed to grow...human, financial, and digital capital.

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Through services designed by first principles to give members the freedom to uniquely learn, grow, and create value.

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  • Global, project based, self-directed, virtual learning platform.

  • Learning by doing philosophy through a process of iteration, socialized by a network with shared deep interests.

  • Complete K-12 and higher education tools and resources.

  • Automated tools for creating classes, building products, launching startups.

  • Graduation based on demonstrating preparedness, not age, with ongoing career and college application assistance.

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  • Value creation and learning community focused on growing financial capital.

  • Hedge fund, retirement planning, and investment advisory services.

  • Dynamic strategies across all asset classes & security structures, and risk management tools.

  • Risk management consulting for financial institutions and treasury functions.

  • Research augmented by a decentralized investing community compensated through Proof-of-Work.

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  • Startup incubator specialized in automation and scaling solutions using Google and Ethereum.

  • Seed funding, app building, website design, marketing, and growth services.

  • Database of startup business models to connect founders with needed specific knowledge.

  • Community of entrepreneurs and other innovators through which to grow seeds of ideas into trees.

  • Rapid prototyping available without up front commitments.

  • Apply through our website.

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