an Artificial Intelligence solution for growing ourselves and relationships.

Our Team

Two couples teaming up to build WeGrowMe.

WEquil builds collaborative solutions by connecting nerds with experienced professionals. WEquil is headed by Dr Lihong and Joseph McPhail. They both have full time jobs, but enjoy spending their free time finding people that are determined to make the world a better place through continual self-improvement and building innovative solutions to the world's most important problems.

If you have a growth mindset, love learning, or just wish to learn more about WEquil you can read about it here:

WEquil team (from left) Aila, Lihong, Joseph, and Sumay McPhail

Wei Jiang is a first generation college student working towards a Computer Science degree at University Of Maryland, College Park. He grew up working for his family business where he learned to put his customers first by deeply understanding and meeting their needs.

Wei met the McPhails through Coder Kids Inc where he currently works part time as a tutor and team leader.


Lihong: "Wei is an exceptional teacher. He is incredibly patient with Aila and Sumay. That's how we knew he would make a great addition to the WeGrowMe team."

Wei is an aspiring software engineer, skilled at Python and Java. He is a big picture thinker in addition to have great attention to detail. Wei is leading the charge in developing the We Grow Me app using Flutter and Dart.

Wei Jiang with his girlfriend.