The Backstory

WEquil started out as East West Equilibrium, turning data into value. Over time we have branched out to do many different things and went on to start WEquil School, WEquil Combinator, WEquil Capital, and WEquil Live all with the same principals.

WEquil School

WEquil School started out as a blog page on WEquil where Sumay and Aila were summarizing Crash Course videos to aid their learning during the pandemic. This grew to become a Virtual School and the WEquil App to scale their approach to education.

WEquil Capital


WEquil Combinator

WEquil Combinator was born from WEquil School where we wanted to provide opportunities for the students in the virtual school to pitch startup ideas and possibly get funding. Since then, we have funded startups from students at WEquil School and others who have pitched their ideas to us.

WEquil Live

WEquil Live started out as Fro N' Girls where we talked about a wide variety of creative topics and ideas on Facebook Live and Periscope. This has become Makeshift Homeschool Live and now WEquil Live where we talk about topics and updates on all the WEquil Brands.


The WEquil Philosophy...

The WEquil Philosophy is the foundation of all the WEquil brands.
Learn - Learn about anything that interests you
Grow - Grow from what you've learned
Create - Create from what you've learned
Share - Share what you've created
By doing all these things, you can live the life you were meant to live, and achieve escape velocity.


Articles on everything from emerging technologies, philosophy, phycology, to adventures.


Book summaries on marriage, communication, and our parenting experiences in this digital age. 

Book summaries and articles on my interests.