About Us

WEquil started out as a tool for teaching our kids about innovation. Over time we began teaming with creators of many stripes to build applications and learn about how to better integrate our lives into the digital revolution. 


What we have come to appreciate is that automation and platform technologies will disrupt the mundane and repetitious. This will allow humans to focus on being humans. As a result...


Value in the digital age will increasingly come from creators building applications that bring joy, improve health, and for smarter decision making.

WEquil is how we are positioning ourselves, our daughters, and other like minded creators and digital families for a future that will demand less repetition and more inspiration.

You can take part as both a creator and/or digital family. We help creators fund and build startup applications. Creators are also welcome to join our Creator Community where you can collaborate with others seeking to grow their visions. Digital families can sign up to try our applications and learn to program.


We also write a lot about what we learn from leaders in technology, entrepreneurship,  investing and as well as marriage and relationships.

Thank you for your interest and feel free to read our blogs and follow us on social media.

McPhail Family


Book summaries on history and relationships, my heroes, tips on coding, and life experiences. 


Book summaries on marriage, communication, and our parenting experiences in this digital age. 

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Book summaries and recommendations for kids.