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Learn, Grow, Create

WEquil Group is a global learning community to help people reach a point where their strengths and interests are in line with the wants and needs of the world. To build a community of humans with universal principles and the goal to learning and growing.

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Deep Roots
Rock Balancing

Our Story

WEquil Group started as East West Equilibrium, a marriage blog aiming to find a balance between cultures of the East and West. Not only did Joseph and Lihong come from opposite sides of the world, but they are also opposite personalities. This resulted in the developing of Universal Principles (UP) and eventually grew into the pillars you know today.

Meet The Team


 Joseph E. McPhail, CFA, FRM

Joseph founded WEquil Group to connect and collaborate with innovators who share his passion for education, investing, and entrepreneurship. If you are an innovator ... he would like to meet you.


Prior to founding WEquil Group, he represented the FDIC at the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS). Prior to FDIC, he managed multiple teams at the Ernst & Young while serving a variety of financial institutions. Prior to EY, he worked as a quant and risk manager at the PWC and the Fannie Mae.


Joseph is an entrepreneur. He grew up serving his family business. While in college he grew his first company with four employees and served over 100 clients. 

Joseph is an investor. He has been successfully identifying positive skew opportunities since graduating from college. 

Joseph is a prolific writer. He has published various peer-reviewed journal articles on risk management, book chapter on machine learning, and hundreds of articles on investing and parenting. 

Joseph was awarded the 2018 Iowa State University Economics Department Outstanding Young Alumni Award.